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The Registration Debate

   Just The Facts Mam'

Acceptable Registration
 UKC- United Kennel Club founded 1898
 CKC- Canadian (not Continential)Kennel Club 1880
 AKC- American Kennel Club  1884
 APRI- American Pet Registry Inc
Feel free to contact me if you think I have missed any

   Listed below are all the reasons why I used to believe Continental Kennel Club was just as good as American Kennel Club or at least had the potential to be. I have since changed my mind after seeing one too many unethical breeders. American Kennel Club while it is not perfect has a system in place to keep breeders in check and have them obey the rules to protect the breed standard. That is all the reasons we love the poodle(or other breeds). Continential Kennel Club has none. When AKC breeders are caught doing something unethical they can no longer register their puppies with AKC. Many of those breeders then turn to CKC or other registries with less restrictions. Many puppymills use CKC because the registration papers are so easy to get. CKC also allows the registration of mixed breeds. To create a true new breed there are steps to follow and a breed standard must be set. Puppy mills are only concerned with marketing a "designer" high priced "breed" which no research into medical or temperment issues has been done. I am currently selling out my CKC registered poodles and plan to sell only AKC puppies. I do believe the CKC puppies I have sold are healthy, beautiful, pet quality puppies and I stand behind that by agreeing to take my poodles back at any point in their lives if their new owners cannot keep them but in order to continue to improve my breeding program and to help control where my puppies go in the future I am making registry changes.

I have heard heated debates over whether AKC,CKC,APRI or other registry's were better. I have dogs and have sold dogs with AKC,CKC and APRI registration.Here are some facts followed by my opinion on the subject.You can decide for your self.
 AKC Fact
AKC DNA Profiling is required if a stud dog is classified as a Frequently Used Sire, meaning that he has produced 7 or more litters in his lifetime or more than 3 litters in a calendar year.
   I can see how this might help the problem of AKC breeders falsifying puppy registration applications but I see a very easy way around this. All the unethical breeders have to do is use a different stud every 6 litters.6 litters is a lot of puppies. If each litter had just 6 pups thats 36 dogs. Just think if each one of his males were used as studs.Thats a lot of non purebred genes in the AKC pool
   A friend of mine whose AKC dog died was approached just recently by a person who wanted to buy their registration papers. It's untelling how many mixed breed puppies would have beed sold as that dogs offspring had they said yes or how many times they have done it before.
CKC Fact
Dogs over 6 months of age which have no previous registration history may be registered by providing 2 witness signatures(like the registration buyer above?) attesting to the purebred status of the dog along with 3 photos (front,left and right) of the dog to confirm it is ‘of proper breed type’ as defined by our current CKC Registration Rules and Regulations
       With this rule you could buy a shelter dog and if you are dishonest register it as a purebred with CKC.
 AKC Fact
Chapter 4: Buyer Purchases a Sick or Defective Dog
There are no provisions in our rules to preclude(rule out) the breeding of dogs of questionable quality. We would certainly hope, however, that if the matter is brought to the attention of the owners of the dogs involved, they would give the matter very careful consideration before contemplating breeding the dogs again.
    According to AKC they have no rule against breeding sick or deffective dogs,they rely on the honesty of the breeder just like other registries.
AKC Fact                      Inbreeding
The relationship between the Sire and Dam of the litter has no bearing on registration eligibility. Anyone who considers breeding their dog must consider temperament, health, and finding mates that complement each other. Breeding dogs that are closely related can fix certain characteristics, both desirable and undesirable. Therefore, we would expect that only very experienced breeders would consider inbreeding and line breeding. However, there is no rule that prohibits inbreeding and line breeding; this is left to the discretion of individual breeders.
Inbreeding - The mating of two closely related dogs of the same breed.
Line breeding - The practice of mating a dog to a member of an earlier generation of the dog's bloodline.
AKC condones inbreeding which only serves to compound genetic and behavior problems. 

     I believe all registries have flaws. AKC dogs are more expensive not because they are necessarily better or healthier but because they are harder to get.Some breeders have small AKC litters but report they had larger ones so that they can use the papers to register other dogs or use the registration of dead dogs.If you want to show dogs then buy AKC there are good AKC breeders out there.If you want a pet other registries are fine, there are good CKC(and other) breeders out there and they are generally cheaper. I have heard die hard AKC fans refer to other registries as "pet" registries. Well that is what I sell, healthy pets with good temperments whether they are CKC or AKC registered. It costs thousands of dollars to show poodles with AKC and most people cannot afford to show and are only looking for a pet.

    What is most important is the breeders character.When it comes down to it that is what all the registries depend on. Ask questions, while breeders may be very busy they should have no problems answering questions about their dog.

   I sent out registration papers for one of my dogs to have dual(he was already registered with another club) registration with CKC. After 3 months (it usually takes about 2 weeks) I had still not received the registration and my credit card had not been charged. I resent the paperwork thinking it had been lost after calling CKC to confirm they had not received it. Two weeks later I received two registration papers on the same dog with different registration numbers and his name slightly misspelled on one. I called the CKC and told them what had happened right then and they voided one but had I not been ethical I could have registered puppies under both numbers that CKC had me listed as owning.


Questions to ask the breeder you buy your puppy from  

More to come... 

 Is the puppy up to date on shots and worming and has been checked by a liscensed veternarian?

 Ask to see pictures of the parents.

Ask how often the Dam (mother) is bred.If every heat is the answer it's too much!

Are the puppies raised in your home? Puppies that are not handled often may experience a wide variety of behavioral problems.

Does the breeder provide you with health records and material to help you with feeding, training and housebreaking? These are signs of a caring breeder

Do the puppies seem healthy, with no discharge from eyes or nose, no loose stools, no foul smelling ears? Are their coats soft, full and clean? Do they have plenty of energy when awake?

If for some unforseen reason(other than what is covered in the health guarantee) I cannot keep my poodle puppy will you as the breeder take the dog back and either resale the puppy if possible or place it in a compatible home?

 Does the breeder have only a few breeds of dogs at a time? If there are several breeds of dogs chances are the breeder cannot devote the time it takes to become really knowledgeable about the breed and it is very difficult to give the puppies the attention they need and may indicate that the primary purpose for breeding is profit, rather than a sincere desire to improve the breed.

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