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Deposits,Payment Types Accepted,Shipping and more

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Do Not Send A Deposit Without Speaking With Us First To Make Sure The Puppy Is Compatable With Your Family and That He/She is Still Available
We do require a phone call if you are not picking your puppy up so we can meet the people our puppies will be living with I want to make sure the new owner knows what they are getting so they will be completely satisfied with their new puppy
A non refundable Deposit of $100.00 Will Hold Your Puppy
if you change your mind  or refuse to meet or speak to us you do not get your deposit back
 Payment methods that will be accepted are
PayPal,Cash and POSTAL money orders. Sorry but I do not accept checks. I
If you pay with a credit card through Paypal please add 4% to the total, that is what PayPal charges us to accept your credit card.

Please email first to make sure the puppy you want is still available,Thank You


Shipping is available on most puppies inside the US for between $250 and $300. Buyer pays shipping costs.I will not ship puppies until they are paid for in full. I will deliver (within reason) for .50 cents per mile (I only charge one way)

Explaination of shipping costs

Plane ticket about $180.00 (depending on destination)

Vet Flight Exam $45.00

Health certificate 25.00

Shipping Crate 35.00

Shipping Kit 5.00(sometimes included in the ticket price)

General Information

    Our puppies are generally ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks unless they are *"tiny toys"* or *"teacups"* which may not be ready until 12 weeks depending on their size. Teacup puppies are prone to hypoclycemia before that time. Puppies cannot be shipped before 8 weeks old.
 I reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy in any home even after a deposit or payment has been made. I may refuse to sell a puppy any time I feel it's not in the puppy best interest .  I will not place a puppy in a home without face to face contact with the new owner or if distance won't allow a meeting face to face a meeting via telephone is required. If the new owner has misrepresented themselves they may forfeit their deposit (ex. not telling me you are a breeder,pet store,broker,puppymill  upfront. I obviously do not sell to pets stores, brokers or puppymills and I have lot's of questions for breeders) 
   If you do not make arrangements to pick up your puppy or we are unable to contact you to make travel/ pick up arrangements past 8 weeks of age we will charge the same boarding fee as our local dog boarding facility.I did not used to do this but I had someone have me hold a pupy then refuse to answer their phone and refuse to call me. I even offered to pay for a collect call.I was stuck with their money and the puppy to take care of for weeks. I am very reasonable and will work with you on a pick up date as long as you talk to me! I have yet to charge a boarding fee.But it's a possibility if you won't return my call and you don't have a good reason. I have had great communication with all my other new owners and always prefer to help my new owners in any way I can.
Estimated adult size of puppies are an educated guess based on both parents sizes and the puppies size charted at several times. I do use a puppy weight chart and common sense given the parents size. The most accurate time to chart  a puppies weight is at 10 and 12 weeks however I have had puppies be larger as adults than they should have been and also smaller according to the chart. Weight is also affected by diet and exercise. 
Poodles come in 3 sizes according to the AKC. the Standard poodle is over 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulder (and weighs about 45 to 70 lbs). The Miniature poodle is under 15 inches but more than 10 inches at the highest point of the shoulder(and weighs about 15 to 30 lbs). The Toy Poodle is 10 inches or under at the highest point of the shoulder (and usually weighs 10 lbs or less).
  *Terms such as tiny toy and teacup are considered to be a marketing or sales gimmick and I only use them as descriptions and because the general public uses them. Tiny Toys and Teacups are registerd as Toys by both the AKC and the CKC.

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