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About The Poodle

Poodles are among the most intelligent dogs you can own. Poodles do not shed and are hypoallergenic. People who have asthma and allergies to dogs and cats can usually own a poodle without difficulty. Mild mannered, yet protective, they are great family pets, watchdogs, yet wonderful with children. Due to their varying size they are great for apartments or farms. They are very smart and easy to teach. Poodles have gotten a bad reputation as being snippy. This is not at all the case. In poodles temperament is inherited just like color so we are careful to only breed dogs with the best of temperaments.


    Poodles come in 3 sizes. The Standard poodle is over 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulder (and weighs about 45 to 70 lbs). The Miniature poodle is under 15 inches but more than 10 inches at the highest point of the shoulder(and weighs about 15 to 30 lbs). The Toy Poodle is 10 inches or under at the highest point of the shoulder (and usually weighs 10 lbs or less). We sell Toy Poodles which are the smallest of the breed. I have had many people over the years ask me for a miniature poodle when what they really wanted was a toy poodle. That's why I have this description and the images below to help new owners choose the size they are looking for.

Terms such as tiny toy and teacup are considered by the AKC to be a marketing or sales gimmick and if I use them I only use them as descriptions and because the general public uses them to describe what size of poodle they want when they contact me. "Tiny Toys" and "Teacups" are registered as Toys by AKC.

    Poodles come in a variety of colors, personalities and even haircuts. I have had many friends and family members of new owners who "did not like poodles". When they came to pick up their new puppy and the friends and family members had a chance to meet some of my adult poodles that didn't have a typical poodle clip or were a less common color to go with their wonderful temperaments they became poodle lovers themselves.

You can click on the link below to go to the American Kennel Club and read what the breed standard is for the toy poodle