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Puppy Health Guarantee

THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE FOR THE BENEFIT AND PROTECTION OF BOTH THE BUYER AND SELLER. This is a guarantee for the health of the puppy for the FIRST 6 MONTHS for any congenital life threatening illnesses (heart, liver or kidneys). Buyer must notify seller within 24 hours of diagnosis or this contract is invalid. We reserve the right to have the diagnosis verified by another veterinarian of our choice before exchange.  Every reasonable care has been taken by the seller to insure that this puppy is in good health.  Puppies do stress during moves to new homes, change of diet, also from over handling and can bring on things that are dormant such as but not limited to Worms and/or Coccidiosis, which are treatable, and not reasons for return.

Puppies are like children; they are susceptible to pneumonia, colds and other infections due to drafts, cold temperatures, etc.  Another problem in small puppies is Hypoglycemia, which is brought on by a number of reasons: playing too much, not eating properly, the stress of being moved to a new home or just being handled too much by children or adults.  These conditions are ALL THE BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY.  This contract is also null and void in the event of an accidental injury, or negligence of preventive healthcare (follow up vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian)  to said puppy.  Small puppies are very fragile and accidents do happen.  Every precaution should be exercised in handling small puppies, as their bones are tiny and easily injured.

If ever a replacement is deemed necessary, it will be made for the same value, unless buyer wants to pay the difference of a more valuable puppy.  THERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS     A letter from a licensed veterinarian is required with such problem stated in order for a replacement to be made to purchaser.  Should a death occur due to unknown reasons, an autopsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian, and a copy of such report forwarded to seller before determining if a replacement will be made.  All expenses are at the buyer’s expense.

  People often want to know the exact size, color or personality of a puppy when it is grown.  I can only estimate that by going by previous litters and the parent’s characteristics.  For this reason, I make no guarantees as to the mature size, color or disposition of said puppy and no other claims or agreements about this puppy’s development, unless noted below the seller’s name.    Seller will not be deemed liable if pet is infertile or unfinishable for any reason.  We represent our puppies as beautiful loving pets only.  Fertility and Finish ability of said puppy, male or female, is not guaranteed as these puppies are sold as quality pet puppies not for show, breeding, etc.  A lot of care, love and time as been given to this puppy prior to its adoption.  Please make sure you are willing to make this same commitment. 


I do have a welcome back policy and will take back my puppies at any stage in their lives if the new owner is unable to keep it for any reason. I try to resale the puppy or place them in an approved home. If I cannot find a home for them due to advanced age I will keep them myself.  Please keep in mind older puppies(4 months and up) usually do not sale for as much as younger puppies unless they are housebroken.