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Your Puppy
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How our puppies are raised

    Puppies come groomed, up to date on shots and worming and with a puppy pack containing Eukanuba small breed dry puppy food, canned Pedigree puppy lamb and rice, A fleece bed,a toy, a blanket, a puppy care guide, NuVet, Nutrical(for "teacups"),a health record, and treats. New owners are also welcome to email or call anytime with questions after they take their puppies home.

  We have a welcome back policy for all of our puppies after they leave no matter how old they are.
  We love to get updates and new pictures of our puppies after they settle into their new homes and as they get older!

  Puppy Size 
The puppies estimated adult weight is based on the assumption that the puppy will eat an age appropriate diet and will have regular exercise. You can go to the puppy weight chart page and see the same chart we use along with the parents size and past litters to help us guesstimate estimated adult size. Some puppies do not turn out according to the weight chart. Another formula some breeders use is to double the puppies weight at 12 weeks or double the weight at 10 weeks and add a 1/2 lb to get the adult weight.

  Our mothers are raised in our home with run of the house. Moms are always available to meet and we have pictures of the Dads and occasionally they are over for a visit. We do not keep any un-neutered males of breeding age in our home so we know who is expecting and when since our poodles are our pets and not kennel dogs. We breed on a schedule not every heat and we only have a few litters a year so puppies are not always available. Our girls are not bred just because they can be.

  After our mothers have passed their pre-pregnancy health check they are started on NuVet vitamins,calcium and high quality puppy food. If there is any illness at all found they will not be bred.The puppies are whelped and raised in their own clean,temperature controlled whelping room in our home with my constant supervision. Moms can get in and out but puppies can't for their saftey. I help mom clean the puppies and I handle them daily and weigh them daily for the first 2 weeks and weekly after 2 weeks. The puppies are very well socialized by myself and as they get older my 3 children. Puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks starting at 4 weeks old.This will help us determine if the puppy has internal parasites, such as the round worm, which is contracted from the pup's mother while in the uterus (not a dirty enviornment like some people mistakenly think). Since our puppies live in our home as pets we clean our puppy area every time it gets messy and we sterilize it as needed.
  As soon as they are old enough to walk we start the beginnings of housebreaking. The puppies have a regular supervised playtime out of the whelping room in addition to housebreaking trips outside.

  Between 3 and 5 days the puppies have their first health check up,tails docked and dew claws removed. At 6 weeks they are wormed with Drontal a much stronger wormer that covers all intestinal worms. At 5 1/2 to 6 weeks the puppies get their second health check and first round of shots. At about 4 weeks the puppies begin eating solid food as well as the mothers milk they are used to. When they can eat well on their own and are at least 6 weeks old (depending on the puppy some are not ready until 12 weeks) they are ready for their new homes.

New Born Puppy
One Week old Puppy
2 Weeks Old


When a new baby is born I clear his airway and help mom get him clean and dry. I record his weight and time of birth. He then gets to nurse as soon as possible so he can get moms rich colostrum.
Puppies are born with their eyes and ears closed and look very little like poodles


Puppies get weighed every day for the first two weeks to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need. This also helps socialize the puppies and get them used being handled. At 3 to 5 days puppies go for their first vet vist and have their dew claws removed and tails docked if they pass the health check.
Puppies open their eyes and ears at about 2 weeks and they get dewormed for the first time(if they are big enough).

3 Weeks Old


At 3 weeks puppies usually get their first real bath in the baby tub. Before now they had a sponge bath from me and along with moms cleaning. Most puppies love the warm water and getting a massage and fall asleep while being washed. After the bath puppies are blown dry and have their nails trimmed which helps them begin to get used to the lifetime of constant grooming poodles need.
 Puppies start to move around more on their own and react to your voice.


4 Weeks Old


At 4 weeks puppy has his second deworming, his first taste of solid food and we introduce house breaking. They start to look a little more like poodles at this age.

5 weeks old


At 5 weeks old puppy is eating mostly solid food and is working on potty training and learning good behavior. Opps! But accidents do still happen until the puppies are able to control their sphincter muscles completely at 12-14 weeks.

6 Weeks Old


At 6 weeks puppies are now almost completely weaned and are on puppy food. Obedience training takes up lots of time and working on housbreaking. At this age they are a lot of fun and very cute! Some smaller puppies are still cutting their front teeth.

7 Weeks Old


Puppies are into everything now. They will chew on anything because they are cutting their back teeth .They have to be watched any time they are not in their "dens" and need toys to chew on or they can get into big trouble.

8 Weeks Old


At this point puppies have had thier first set of shots(and almost ready for their second) are eating well on their own and are still learning where to "go potty". A little diligence now will save lots messes later. Puppies are now ready to go to their new homes.
It's very important to start reinforcing good behavior so bad habits won't have to be unlearned. While a little bite or jumping up on people seems like no big deal at this age it's not so cute when they are bigger and you have company.